Once your child has a nursery place we expect regular attendance (unless they are ill).  It is important that they attend regularly, in order to gain the maximum benefit from the carefully planned learning activities and opportunities.  You must contact us if your child is absent (please see below for details of how to do this).  If we do not hear from you we will make every effort to contact you.  We will contact the local authority/social care department if we cannot contact you at all.  If your child is absent because they are ill contact school to let us know and keep them at home until they are better.  We are unable to accept your child if they have any infectious illness. If your child has diarrhoea or sickness, keep them at home for at least 48 hours, as this type of infection can spread so quickly amongst young children.  If you are worried about your child, and want to talk to someone, a member of staff is always available.


We make a record of your child’s progress and achievements during their time at Nursery. You will be invited to share these records with the staff and your child regularly. Your comments will be much valued. If your child shows a particular strength in any area we will share this with you. Please share with us any exciting events for your child and also talk to us if you have any concerns about your child at home or at nursery.  When your child leaves Nursery, a record is passed to the school, and a record book is given to you to keep. You are always welcome to ask any questions about your child in Nursery and view their learning journey.


If a parent has any concerns they can be raised with a staff member.  If a concern is not resolved through discussion with a staff member, or there is a complaint, the parent or the staff member can refer it to the Headteacher.  Every effort will be made to rectify the problem by staff, the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors.


Special Educational Needs

All children who come to Stonehill Nursery are individuals with individual needs. We believe children with special educational needs have the same needs as any other child but also have extra individual needs. It is important that a child with special educational needs is identified as quickly as possible. We will inform and discuss any problems with parents as soon as we have identified them and will continue to work in partnership throughout the special needs process.


If your child is taking medication, we can only administer this if it is prescribed and has the original packaging and pharmacy information. Any form of un-prescribed medication must be administered by a parent. Parents will be asked to sign the medicine form. If your child becomes ill at Nursery, we will make every effort to contact you or the emergency number you have supplied.

Child Protection

Parents should be aware that the school is required to take any reasonable action to ensure the safety of its pupils. In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the Headteacher is obliged to follow the Child Protection procedures established by the Local Safeguarding Children Board and to inform Derby City Children’s Social Care department of the concern. Please notify the staff of any injuries sustained by your child away from the Nursery.  We will inform you if your child has an accident at Nursery and will show you the entry in the accident book and ask you to sign against it.


Parents need to decide which school they wish their child to attend.  An application form will be provided by the authority which must be completed and returned.  Primary and Infant schools in Derby City all have the same admission date.  If your child has their 5th birthday anytime in the year between 1st September 31st August, the Primary or Infant school will admit them in the September of that year.  The legal age at which children must start Primary education is the term after their 5th birthday.

All policies and procedures are available from the school office. Or to view online CLICK HERE>