Charging Policy

We provide a range of healthy snacks every day which are all vegetarian. It is important that you inform us if your child has any food allergies or is not able to eat certain foods due to religious beliefs or dietary requirements. A voluntary contribution of £10 for the school year to help us with the cost would be greatly appreciated.

School Trips
Voluntary contributions will be requested to pay towards the cost of the visit. No child will be penalised, treated differently or excluded from the activity because of their parents inability to pay. In certain circumstances as a proposed trip may be cancelled due to lack of revenue.

Lost Equipment (Books etc.)
The school expects parents to replace or purchase items of school property which are lost or damaged off the school premises.

Extra Sessions
We are able to offer extra chargeable sessions depending on current numbers in nursery.
Please see the office for more information on pricing and options.

All monies will be collected by the School Business Manager. The amount will be recorded and maintained within School Funds. Monies will be used for the appropriate purchase of replacement of goods/services as stated in this policy.