Attendance Policy

Nursery Education is non-statutory.
At the time of acceptance of the offer of a place in Nursery for their child, parents are made aware of the importance of regular, consistent attendance in order that their child will achieve maximum benefit from the curriculum. They are also made aware of the importance of being on time at the beginning and end of each session.  Regular attendance at Nursery will help your child to develop the skills and attitudes to become successful learners.

Lateness: Parents are asked to phone school if they know that they will be late. If lateness persists, the senior teacher will talk with the parents, emphasizing the need to maintain good time keeping. If there is a genuine problem, the senior teacher will try to work out a solution with the family.

Absence: Parents are asked to phone, text or email the school if their child is going to be absent because of illness.
Parents are asked to let staff know in advance if their child is going to be absent because of medical appointments.

Unexplained Absence: If a child’s absence is unexplained and continues for longer than a two day period, the school will make every effort to make contact with the parents, as follows:

  1. A phone call to the home - If no phone, a call to the emergency number which in most cases is a relative - repeated for two days.
  2. If the phone calls and home visit are unsuccessful, a letter will be sent to the parents, expressing concern about the child and asking that they contact the school within two days.  If this produces no results, another letter is sent stating that as there has been no contact, the school will assume they no longer want the place for their child and another child may be admitted.
  3. If Social Care are involved with the family, the Headteacher will inform the Social Worker on day one and will follow the Social Worker’s guidance.

Half termly attendance reviews will take place for all pupils.  Where concerns are raised you will be contacted by our Inclusion Attendance Officer.  NO holidays will be authorised and if pupils fail to attend for a period exceeding 20 days then their place will be removed and they will have to return to the waiting list until a place becomes available.  Places at Stonehill are limited and we have children on our waiting list who wish to attend.